The Slique™ Experience

Promoting the Pinnacle of Healthy Weight Management

You too can support beautiful body wellness when you combine the best of Nature with whole foods and the power and scent of essential oils. The Slique™ Experience is the first of its kind to synergistically integrate all three. Maintaining healthy weight is more than a mere focus on the “physical”. Slique™ is the centerpiece for supporting your total body wellness.

What is the Secret Behind Slique™?

After years of research and testing, D. Gary Young, founder and CEO of Young Living Essential Oils, launched the first essential oil-based weight management system. Tapping into the power of exotic botanicals, he formulated products that work WITH the body to promote optimal body maintenance.

Slique™ Works Naturally to:

  • Help control cravings and hunger.
  • Support healthy digestion.
  • Energize without stimulants.
  • Replenish key nutrients missing from many diets.
  • Sustain the efficiency of the digestive tract.
  • Promote overall wellness.

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